Friday, 7 February 2014

Holiday Highlights

In class this week we have been blogging about some of the highlights from our holidays.  Here is a post by Stevenson in class 6.

Waiting for my friends, Collin and Tai, I listened to music. It took a long time to pick me up but they eventually did. I was exhausted with the long drive that I nearly fell asleep. Finally we had arrived at the beautiful Parakai Springs at a time of 12:00! Entering the pools my friends and I waited in the que to pay for our entry fee. After paying Collin, Tai and I sprinted off to the hydroslide.

“WOOHOO!” We screamed while we slid down the twisty and tourney slide. Running back with my friends we slid down again, continuously. It was fantastic! It was a rough time of 4:00 so my friend, Tai’s, mum decided to leave Parakai. Tai and Collin sang the songs that were playing in the car while I fell asleep. We drove safely back home.

Experiencing Parakai Springs was awesome. I loved the slide the most as it had twist and turns.

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  1. Hi Mr goodwin i really like your holiday higlight that is so cool to read keep it up mr goodwin