Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Welcome 2015!

Woooohoooo we are so excited to start the year off in our brand new building

It's so nice and new,  we all love it so much.

For most of us it's a pretty new experience sharing a space with other classes, but we are all getting the hang of it, and its really cool! We have Room 7 with Mr Somerville on our left, and Room 8 with Miss Lavakula on our right (but we can move anywhere in the room to do our work anyway).

We can't wait to get our walls nicely decorated, Mr Goodwin has promised that this will be done after the cleaners have steamed them this weekend (Keep posted for updates!)

Bring on 2015!


  1. Thanks for the in sight into your new building. I especially like the panorama photo.

    Have a great year.

    Mrs Burt

  2. This looks like an amazing learning space Mr Goodwin! I look forward to asking your advice on hub learning when T.P.S. Kia Manawanui Senior Syndicate move into their new learning space!