Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Video Games

We are studying Video games this term.... HOW COOL IS THAT???!!!

In our reading and inquiry learning we are looking at different types of video games, the history of video games and consoles, as well as the different types, and how they are made.

Here is our PENN submission which played this week.


  1. these games are very cool to play i really like the videos game and me to i think that one game is ugly to i think it will be really fun to play video games

  2. Hey Room 6
    I really love your movie of video games, it has alot of details about the video games but really you have so much ideas about video games i really like how you use the video games in the back of the person talking.
    Keep Up The Good Work Room 6 and Mr Goodwin
    From Faafetai

  3. Great work room 6 you had the cool idea Great WORK

  4. nice work room 6. the first video game in the world was pretty boren