Friday, 10 February 2017

Chicken Flavoured Worms

Has Mr Goodwin gone crazy?!

Today in writing he cooked, and served us chicken flavoured worms.... YUCK!

Well not "really", but thats what he said until he told us it was just noodles.
It was all part of our writing experience so that we could practice writing introductions for a recount.

Here is a link to our the lesson here.

Check out some of the writing we completed below:

Have you ever had Chicken Flavoured Worms at School before? I Bet you haven’t, but I have. I thought today would be a normal day, apparently not.

Has your teacher ever fed you chicken flavoured worms before? Well our teacher must of had too much coffee, because he actually fed us chicken flavoured worms today. It's weird to say, but they were actually pretty good!

Have you made a worm milk shake before? I wouldn't be surprised if we ate that tomorrow, because today our teacher fed us with chicken flavoured worms! If this sounds good, come on and keep reading.

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