Friday, 31 March 2017

Create your own Spider - Hinerangi

Hinerangi shares her very own spider.  This task required each member of our class to read and learn about spiders, particularly how they differ from insects. Fantastic work Hinerangi!

Black Wicked Spider:

Screenshot 2017-03-28 at 6.08.51 PM.png
Well as you already know that this Spider does not eat other Humans and Insects which means that any predator or Human can get near it. This Spider lives in areas meaning as on Plants, Living under rocks and on the edge of the ocean. They can also live in corals which means that they mainly live in habitat’s that they can find. This spider eats leaves plants and many different Trees. This Spider’s behavior is Kind, Helpful, Special and as you already know that this spider is the most coolest Spider of all, Well here we are now as you already know this Spider is Kind, Helpful, Special and is the most coolest Spider of all.

Task Description:

For this task we had to create a new Insect that no ordinary person had used yet. As you can see up the top my insect is called Black Wicked Spider. For this task we also had to draw a picture for our Spider. This task was quite easy because all we had to do was that we had to draw a Picture, Write a description and having to be reading the task's we get.

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  1. hi my name is konzay and when read your blogger it was really good and I really like the spider to.