Thursday, 30 March 2017

Describe an insect - Naomi

We have been learning to describe insects in more interesting ways. In particular we have been focusing on using interesting and new vocab. Naomi shares her description of a bumble bee.

WALT: use interesting vocab in our writing.

A bumble bee is harmless and a cute insect, It has six tiny legs and three body parts (head l thorax and the body). Bumble bees help us, and if we did not have bumble bees or other bees we would probably die.
There is a Queen and she has an important job because she stay’s in the hive all day to lay eggs. The other bees are called worker bees, and they mostly do all the work. The worker bees clean the hives and make sure the hive is OK. Bees fly to a flower, and most flowers that catch their eyes are the beautiful purple, blue and yellow coloured flowers. Bees also drink nectar and  get pollen on its back and carry It to their hive.  There are over 20,000 species of bees and one that make a lot of that sticky good stuff is honey bees.

Task description: This task was to learn about bugs and all kinds of native things because our term topic is "Te Taio O Tamaki". Like my WALT we are learning to use describing vocab in writing.

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