Friday, 3 March 2017

Native Birds - Daisy

Thanks Daisy for this piece of writing about native birds in Tāmaki. I agree with lots of what you have said, I have never seen a Kiwi in Tāmaki and Silvereye birds would be cute to have around. I also agree that Pigeons are annoying, so less of them might be a good idea!

Walt: make connections across multiple texts.

Why would having more native birds in Tāmaki be better? Because in Tāmaki native birds in New Zealand are very important to us. Birds are special they can help with different kinds of things.Image result for KiwisImage result for Silvereyed birds

I haven't even seen a Kiwi in Tamaki so I think we need more because Kiwi’s are obviously important to New Zealand.  Kiwis are also very talented. We just need more Kiwis because I'm not sure we have any Kiwis in Tamaki, and thats sad.

I think Tamaki should have more silvereye birds because I have never ever seen a silver eyed bird. Not only in tamaki but everywhere, I go I only see magpies. I have also always wanted a silver eyed bird as a pet because it looks so cute.

Some people think that Pigeons are very talented but most people think pigeons are just annoying. Well this is how Pigeons are annoying, you are just sitting there relaxing doing homework, then all of a sudden it is too hot and you open the window then a few minutes later a pigeons flies in, and you not sure how to get it out. So yeah I really want less pigeons in Tamaki.

I think that Tamaki needs more Kiwis for people to see them in this area, because I have never seen a kiwi in tamaki yes some people can see them in other places in New Zealand but not in Tamaki. I also think we need more Silver eyed birds because they are so cute and  people can do things useful instead of just lying in your house sleeping. As I said that Tamaki should have less Pigeons because they can really annoy you in your house or even in school.

Task Description: Doing this was so fun learning about Birds being a bird expert. I also learnt that Birds actually eat bugs well not only because it is yummy, but because bugs eat trees and then birds eat bugs after that, birds poos and then a tree grows. So that was really interesting because I never knew that. Hope you enjoy my information about Birds. 

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