Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Danielle's First class cabin on the Titanic

This is my cabin on the titanic. Have you ever been on a titanic. I have my own little private room and dinning room. My cabin is a first class and this is so expensive. As for my room it has details on my wall and my blanket. I have two little candle sticks above my bed to keep me warm and for me to see when it is dark. I have got my own table for me to eat alone and have some peace and quite.

Lorenzo's Flying Boat Advice Column

This is my F.B.A.C stands for Flying boat advice column and it is a problem David Franklin needs help because he is new to the field of coral-reef research.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Learning to screencast

Today in our MDTA PLG we were learning to record screencasts, so this was my first attempt at one.

This is a quick look at a typical weeks worth of group work in my reading programme. 

It should be noted that these tasks are not given to the students without specific teaching and scaffolding involved, in no way are these tasks just given to the students without any guidance.
In the first activity involving the list of questions, I mentioned that I was trailing something new and that there were more instructions than usual. These instructions were first explicitly given to the students by me, and I had scaffolded the students into how these questions were to be answered in a guided session. The instructions on the activity were more a reminder to the students.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Goodbye Ken Burns

NOTE: This is for version 9 (the Yellow one).

Recently we were playing with some stop start animations.
When uploading our photos into iMovie we were being driven crazy by the Ken Burns effect as it was set on automatically.
I thought others might also be having this problem, so heres the trick!

You need to change your "Project Properties".
Right click your project, and click Project Properties.

Then change your "Initial Photo Placement" from Ken Burns to "Keep in Frame".

Now you can import your photos into iMovie without the Ken Burns effect!
You can also change the length of your photo duration for all photos here as well (great for animation) for help with this in version 10 (purple one) see here.

Goodbye Ken Burns!!!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Titanic Site

As part of our MDTA digital PLG work, we were set the task of building a google site that could be used to assist our teaching of the term 2 inquiry unit. As part of my teams "buoyancy" unit, I decided to create a site around the theme of the Titanic.

 <---------   Check it out here

So far our students are enjoying being able to go onto the site and explore (particularly getting to watch the sinking animations).  One student admitted to Mrs Burt that they had thought the site was a "proper website".

We have been looking at how and why the Titanic sank, and will be using the Titanic to help us explore some tricky scientific ideas.

Dartanians Advice Column

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Maroroa's Advice column

Audio recording software >>

This blog posted is all about a man that named Rata he wanted a big tree and he cut it down and when he cut it down something magical happen and it has something to do with a song and I'm not going to sing it to you.

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Lorenzo's Postcard

My reading group and I red a book about a Kokutu and so we had to do an activity about the kokutu. an it is a generous and smart bird it so interesting to look at.

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Finau's Takapu post

In reading we have been lerning about takapu.

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