Tuesday, 12 June 2018


If you guys remembered I am an ambassador. We have been doing a great job, presenting to visitor that have been coming to our school. You should know that being an ambassador isn't easy.  Sometimes we have to be at school around that 8.30 mark ready to get in our uniform. After we get into our uniform we go to the Tusitala and have a little practice before all the visitors arrive. Sometime we even go to different university. The only university that we have been to this year is M.I.T (Manukau Institute of Technology). Each time we present to our visitors Mr 
Somerville  looks at how well we present or remember our lines and by the next 
day he chooses a player of the day. When we present to our visitors we present to many people from different country's. We've had visitors from the United States and even from Canada. 

Here are some photos of the ambassadors presenting to some of our visitors!!