Sunday, 26 February 2017

Newspaper Towers - Makayla

Thankyou Makayla for this wonderful peice of recount writing about our Newspaper tower experience. If you would like to see more about this lesson, check out our Manaiakalani Google Class OnAir episode here

Have you ever made a skyscraper out of newspapers before? Do you think you would succeed or fail. Did you know that we were constructors today.

While I was sitting down on the mat I was just playing around with Mr Goodwin’s draws. Then suddenly Mr Goodwin came into class, he nearly caught me. So after that he was explaining the instructions to us, then I was like “what”. In my head I was like “no I don’t like newspapers”. Then that whole time I wasn’t very excited.

In my group it was Me (Makayla), Naomi, Daisy, Amelia, Paikea and Trendy. So after the instructions Mr Goodwin gave each group a paper and a pencil to plan how our tower was going to look like. So while my group was planning I was just sitting down and doing nothing while the others worked, But Daisy, Amelia and Naomi were so brainy that they came up with a lot of ideas for our tower. But Trendy and Paikea were like me and just sat there.

So after we planned how our tower would look like Mr Goodwin told us that we could start building. So we started building accorded to our plan, While my team was making the tower I was doing the tape. But while my team already had tape I was looking around at the other teams towers they were so creative. But then I was just looking around when Daisy said Makayla I need tape.

After Daisy asked me for tape she taped it on then suddenly the timer went off. But when we let go of the tower it fell,  but the only tower that stood was Justice's group. I was so disappointed of our tower. But I was still happy, because at least we tried.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The Race - By Junior

Well as a teacher you always strive to make school as fun as possible. I guess some days you are more successful than others. But thank you Junior, for this lovely and honest recount about our writing experience.

We went to the field and mr goodwin said to run to the rugby post. And we ran back to mr goodwin. It was boring! Then we went for a drink and then we went to class.
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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Summer Learning Journey

Congratulations to our amazing holiday bloggers!

Not only did seven of our amazing Room 7 learners participate and engage with the Summer Learning Journey in their holidays, but two placed in the Top 3 for the whole school! 

Well done Justice and Amelia, you guys rock!

Big thank you to Rachel and the Summer Learning Journey team for all your hard work. We will see you next holidays with even more Room Seven learners. Lets try get the whole class signed up!

If you would like to participate next time, here is a link to the SLJ site. 
  • It's Free!
  • It's Fun!
  • and your teacher doesn't even need to do anything...!

Friday, 10 February 2017

Chicken Flavoured Worms

Has Mr Goodwin gone crazy?!

Today in writing he cooked, and served us chicken flavoured worms.... YUCK!

Well not "really", but thats what he said until he told us it was just noodles.
It was all part of our writing experience so that we could practice writing introductions for a recount.

Here is a link to our the lesson here.

Check out some of the writing we completed below:

Have you ever had Chicken Flavoured Worms at School before? I Bet you haven’t, but I have. I thought today would be a normal day, apparently not.

Has your teacher ever fed you chicken flavoured worms before? Well our teacher must of had too much coffee, because he actually fed us chicken flavoured worms today. It's weird to say, but they were actually pretty good!

Have you made a worm milk shake before? I wouldn't be surprised if we ate that tomorrow, because today our teacher fed us with chicken flavoured worms! If this sounds good, come on and keep reading.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Te Taiao O Tāmaki

Welcome to 2017!
This term our inquiry topic is Te Taiao O Tāmaki, the environment of Tāmaki. To kick this off we have been learning about New Zealand's native trees. 

Check out Amelia's learning below.


Walt: make connections across multiple texts. 

Task Description: Today I have been learning about Native tree's in New Zealand, and the 3 main things we are learning about which is part of the Native things we are talking about which is Endemic, Native or Introduced. I been having a great time learning about Native to NZ. Enjoy!