Wednesday, 8 November 2017

The Time Machine

Poor Paschal gets into a bit of trouble at school. In fact, he does something that goes against all his Cybersmart lessons and knowledge. Instead of trying to make it right, Paschal finds himself a time machine! Check out this crazy story.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey

The April School holidays have come to an end and it's back to school for us, but for many of our learners in Room 7, the learning never stopped!

Our learners signed up for and engaged with the Woolf Fisher Winter Learning Journey. This is an amazing resource created and run by Rachel Williams and her team, and we are so grateful for the amount of time and effort she puts into it so that our kids have something awesome to work on and blog about in the holidays.

We had 3 AMAZING efforts in Room 7, and these three are owed a huge congratulations on the hard work they put in. Well done girls, you are AWESOME!

Friday, 9 June 2017

Opinions - Deavay

Fantastic thinking Deavay. I love your arguments here! I especially like where you can tell us why you would personally say Yes, but think beyond yourself to say No for all kids.

Walt: writing who's side were on.
Task Description: Writing who's side were on and what our Opinions. writing examples for what our answer is. writing what we chose and why we chose.

Create a Kayak - Jayden

Wow this is a cool kayak indeed. What an awesome design Jayden!

Walt:make connections what we already read

I Have chosen the SLALOM K1 kayak with a black base and a red outline.I also decorated it with 15 stars with two thick triangles on the end of each end.

I think boys at the age of 10 would like this design because it got a nice paint job and it's pretty cool.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Chocolate tasting - Naomi

Yummm! Jealous of what you got to do in this lesson Naomi. What a cool review of the chocolate you tasted. I like the wrapper design also!

Magnificent, fabulous and amazing, all the words to explain how much I loved that chocolate.
This chocolate is a chocolate with a minty surprise in the middle. It cost $3.99 for a whole block but I just had 2 pieces. It has mint and oreo bits in the middle and covering it is milk chocolate.
His chocolate smelt amazing. It also felt smooth but the edges were kind of crazy. It looked nice to eat and when I went in to take a bite it was melting in my mouth( not really but you get the Idea).  All I could taste was the mint it wasn't bad I liked it a lot. I loved it and I really wanted more. If I could taste all of the flavors then That would be cool.

It was nice but If you could taste the chocolate with the mint that would be amazing. The oreos I could not taste but I could only taste it a little bit it tasted like cookies. I liked it but is was not my favorite.

I really recommend this chocolate but if you do not like mint then you can get the same chocolate but in different flavors. The flavors are strawberry, original and mint ( the one that I ate).  

Task description: This task was to talk of a food critic's perspective. The food critic is homer on the Simpsons. Were taste testing chocolate and the wrappers were off so we didn't know what it was.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Dear Diary - Bethan

What a cool comparison! Bethan shares her comparison story. One from the perspective of a kid travelling to New Zealand from Samoa 1000 years ago, and one from the perspective of a kid travelling to Samoa today.

Walt: think critically about what we read

Task Description: for this task i made a copy of the presentation and put it in my reading folder. I had to write what Afu would probably write if he could write down his language. I then wrote on the right what i would probably write if the plane allowed internet. I posted  it on my blog with labels, a Walt, a Task Description, and a Title.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Fishing Time - Amelia

Wow Amelia, this is a great presentation. It looks like a lot of fun! You are learning a lot about Lures and fishing technology. I particularly like your task description.

  Walt: think critically about what we read.

Task Description: Welcome to my first presentation for Term 2! At the moment we have been learning about fishing technology. I've created an presentation which has examples of fishing lures and what fishing lures are. To understand what lures are my teacher ( Mr Goodwin ) has set up reading's that help us understand what they are. Thanks to those reading's it helped me understand what lures are and if you read the presentation I bet you'll understand what I am talking about. I also used a wonderful site which helped me create a lure that will attract the fish that I am looking for. Thanks for reading my blog post and stay tuned for more!

Monday, 8 May 2017

April Holiday Blogging Challenge

In the Holidays we ran our own Team 4 blogging challenge. Lots of us participated, and blogged about different things that we got up to. Some of us chose to complete the challenges that Mr Goodwin created to help us. Each of these challenges had some kind of reading activity, as well as a task to complete, and share on our blog.

Here are the 5 winners from across all of Team 4. The prizes were given for:

- The most posts
- Audience appeal
- Quality of posts
- Creativity
- Best Commenting

The Top 10 bloggers had a combined total number of blog posts of 208. That means most of us were posting more than twice a day!

We can't wait for the Woolf Fisher Winter Learning Journey next holidays!

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Māori Fishing technology - Lillyana

Thanks Lillyana this is such an informative post.

  Walt: synthesise information from across multiple texts.

Task Description : Room 7 Literacy have learned about Maori Fishing Technology and how did they make it and what they use back then everyone has the Maori Myth , Maori Fishing Nets , Maori Fishing Hooks and Maori Fishing Pots and also i Really hope you have Enjoyed this post and have a wonderful , awesome Blessed Day with your Family and Friends.

Drawing Time

Welcome to Drawing Time!

In this episode of Drawing time your host Junior shows you how to create a cartoon face out of just letters of the alphabet. Enjoy!

Friday, 31 March 2017

Create your own Spider - Hinerangi

Hinerangi shares her very own spider.  This task required each member of our class to read and learn about spiders, particularly how they differ from insects. Fantastic work Hinerangi!

Black Wicked Spider:

Screenshot 2017-03-28 at 6.08.51 PM.png
Well as you already know that this Spider does not eat other Humans and Insects which means that any predator or Human can get near it. This Spider lives in areas meaning as on Plants, Living under rocks and on the edge of the ocean. They can also live in corals which means that they mainly live in habitat’s that they can find. This spider eats leaves plants and many different Trees. This Spider’s behavior is Kind, Helpful, Special and as you already know that this spider is the most coolest Spider of all, Well here we are now as you already know this Spider is Kind, Helpful, Special and is the most coolest Spider of all.

Task Description:

For this task we had to create a new Insect that no ordinary person had used yet. As you can see up the top my insect is called Black Wicked Spider. For this task we also had to draw a picture for our Spider. This task was quite easy because all we had to do was that we had to draw a Picture, Write a description and having to be reading the task's we get.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Describe an insect - Naomi

We have been learning to describe insects in more interesting ways. In particular we have been focusing on using interesting and new vocab. Naomi shares her description of a bumble bee.

WALT: use interesting vocab in our writing.

A bumble bee is harmless and a cute insect, It has six tiny legs and three body parts (head l thorax and the body). Bumble bees help us, and if we did not have bumble bees or other bees we would probably die.
There is a Queen and she has an important job because she stay’s in the hive all day to lay eggs. The other bees are called worker bees, and they mostly do all the work. The worker bees clean the hives and make sure the hive is OK. Bees fly to a flower, and most flowers that catch their eyes are the beautiful purple, blue and yellow coloured flowers. Bees also drink nectar and  get pollen on its back and carry It to their hive.  There are over 20,000 species of bees and one that make a lot of that sticky good stuff is honey bees.

Task description: This task was to learn about bugs and all kinds of native things because our term topic is "Te Taio O Tamaki". Like my WALT we are learning to use describing vocab in writing.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Create your own insect - Paikea

Thanks for sharing this Paikea! What a cool insect Horton is. Check out the lesson here.

Walt: make connections across multiple texts.
Hornton Bug Drawing.png
Horton's is a large bug that protects it self at all times. It lives underground they dig their way with their 4 front sharp legs. Females have just 3 spikes on it’s back to protect it self. The male Hornton has 4 spikes, the 3 spikes on it's back and 1 black spike. All the spikes are dangerous, because if you touch them you get a bad sting, way worse then a bee sting.

Task Description:My class is learning about bug's and learnt what is the different between insect and bugs. We read a couple of some articles and created our own insect. We named it designed it and said what type of behavior it has and last at not least we created our insect. If you have read my paragraph properly you will see that it is a male, because a male has 1 black horn on it's head.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Bike Riding - Daisy

Wow Daisy, what an awesome lesson you had out on the bike track. Thanks for Sharing! 

Walt: make connections across multiple texts. 

Today we got a surprise from our teacher.  5 of us that got picked to go out on the bike track. It was Awesome!

First we had to sit down and talk about the important things you need. Your shoes, and your helmet. I really learnt a lot about shoes which was you Have to wear closed shoes not Sandals and not bare feet, otherwise your feet might get grated, just like a cheese on a cheese grater. I learnt that when you buy a helmet you should always check if there is a sticker that say certified product. Before you ride you must always check when you hold it a little tight that it doesn't have cracks, and you have the straps done up properly.

Riding on the bikes was really fun. I had to make sure that when some one is at the front of me, that I have made enough room for them to come in case they are going to stop. We also learned how to stop safely, by using both brakes.

 My favourite part of the day was when I was riding and got to the zig zaged bridge. I accidentally stopped and made my friend Naomi fall. No one cried or was hurt, but we did laugh.

Task Description: 5 people got picked and I was one of them. We talked about what we had to do before we got to ride on the bikes. When we finished the lesson about our foot wear, Helmet, obviously checking our bike and we also just talked about safety tips. The we got to ride!

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Problem Solving Maths - Awathan

Thanks for sharing your maths thinking Awathan. I like the way you have shown your thinking both from your maths book, and in written form!

Friday, 3 March 2017

Native Birds - Daisy

Thanks Daisy for this piece of writing about native birds in Tāmaki. I agree with lots of what you have said, I have never seen a Kiwi in Tāmaki and Silvereye birds would be cute to have around. I also agree that Pigeons are annoying, so less of them might be a good idea!

Walt: make connections across multiple texts.

Why would having more native birds in Tāmaki be better? Because in Tāmaki native birds in New Zealand are very important to us. Birds are special they can help with different kinds of things.Image result for KiwisImage result for Silvereyed birds

I haven't even seen a Kiwi in Tamaki so I think we need more because Kiwi’s are obviously important to New Zealand.  Kiwis are also very talented. We just need more Kiwis because I'm not sure we have any Kiwis in Tamaki, and thats sad.

I think Tamaki should have more silvereye birds because I have never ever seen a silver eyed bird. Not only in tamaki but everywhere, I go I only see magpies. I have also always wanted a silver eyed bird as a pet because it looks so cute.

Some people think that Pigeons are very talented but most people think pigeons are just annoying. Well this is how Pigeons are annoying, you are just sitting there relaxing doing homework, then all of a sudden it is too hot and you open the window then a few minutes later a pigeons flies in, and you not sure how to get it out. So yeah I really want less pigeons in Tamaki.

I think that Tamaki needs more Kiwis for people to see them in this area, because I have never seen a kiwi in tamaki yes some people can see them in other places in New Zealand but not in Tamaki. I also think we need more Silver eyed birds because they are so cute and  people can do things useful instead of just lying in your house sleeping. As I said that Tamaki should have less Pigeons because they can really annoy you in your house or even in school.

Task Description: Doing this was so fun learning about Birds being a bird expert. I also learnt that Birds actually eat bugs well not only because it is yummy, but because bugs eat trees and then birds eat bugs after that, birds poos and then a tree grows. So that was really interesting because I never knew that. Hope you enjoy my information about Birds. 

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Newspaper Towers - Makayla

Thankyou Makayla for this wonderful peice of recount writing about our Newspaper tower experience. If you would like to see more about this lesson, check out our Manaiakalani Google Class OnAir episode here

Have you ever made a skyscraper out of newspapers before? Do you think you would succeed or fail. Did you know that we were constructors today.

While I was sitting down on the mat I was just playing around with Mr Goodwin’s draws. Then suddenly Mr Goodwin came into class, he nearly caught me. So after that he was explaining the instructions to us, then I was like “what”. In my head I was like “no I don’t like newspapers”. Then that whole time I wasn’t very excited.

In my group it was Me (Makayla), Naomi, Daisy, Amelia, Paikea and Trendy. So after the instructions Mr Goodwin gave each group a paper and a pencil to plan how our tower was going to look like. So while my group was planning I was just sitting down and doing nothing while the others worked, But Daisy, Amelia and Naomi were so brainy that they came up with a lot of ideas for our tower. But Trendy and Paikea were like me and just sat there.

So after we planned how our tower would look like Mr Goodwin told us that we could start building. So we started building accorded to our plan, While my team was making the tower I was doing the tape. But while my team already had tape I was looking around at the other teams towers they were so creative. But then I was just looking around when Daisy said Makayla I need tape.

After Daisy asked me for tape she taped it on then suddenly the timer went off. But when we let go of the tower it fell,  but the only tower that stood was Justice's group. I was so disappointed of our tower. But I was still happy, because at least we tried.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The Race - By Junior

Well as a teacher you always strive to make school as fun as possible. I guess some days you are more successful than others. But thank you Junior, for this lovely and honest recount about our writing experience.

We went to the field and mr goodwin said to run to the rugby post. And we ran back to mr goodwin. It was boring! Then we went for a drink and then we went to class.
Image result for race

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Summer Learning Journey

Congratulations to our amazing holiday bloggers!

Not only did seven of our amazing Room 7 learners participate and engage with the Summer Learning Journey in their holidays, but two placed in the Top 3 for the whole school! 

Well done Justice and Amelia, you guys rock!

Big thank you to Rachel and the Summer Learning Journey team for all your hard work. We will see you next holidays with even more Room Seven learners. Lets try get the whole class signed up!

If you would like to participate next time, here is a link to the SLJ site. 
  • It's Free!
  • It's Fun!
  • and your teacher doesn't even need to do anything...!

Friday, 10 February 2017

Chicken Flavoured Worms

Has Mr Goodwin gone crazy?!

Today in writing he cooked, and served us chicken flavoured worms.... YUCK!

Well not "really", but thats what he said until he told us it was just noodles.
It was all part of our writing experience so that we could practice writing introductions for a recount.

Here is a link to our the lesson here.

Check out some of the writing we completed below:

Have you ever had Chicken Flavoured Worms at School before? I Bet you haven’t, but I have. I thought today would be a normal day, apparently not.

Has your teacher ever fed you chicken flavoured worms before? Well our teacher must of had too much coffee, because he actually fed us chicken flavoured worms today. It's weird to say, but they were actually pretty good!

Have you made a worm milk shake before? I wouldn't be surprised if we ate that tomorrow, because today our teacher fed us with chicken flavoured worms! If this sounds good, come on and keep reading.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Te Taiao O Tāmaki

Welcome to 2017!
This term our inquiry topic is Te Taiao O Tāmaki, the environment of Tāmaki. To kick this off we have been learning about New Zealand's native trees. 

Check out Amelia's learning below.


Walt: make connections across multiple texts. 

Task Description: Today I have been learning about Native tree's in New Zealand, and the 3 main things we are learning about which is part of the Native things we are talking about which is Endemic, Native or Introduced. I been having a great time learning about Native to NZ. Enjoy!