Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Movie Stars

Far out! Room 6 and the rest of Team 4 has been feeling like movie stars lately!

We have had about 4 different film crews in this term, looking at all kinds of things.  One film crew came into our class and filmed us during our writing lesson. Another film crew filmed us just today at during our swimming lesson! The Auckland Mayor Len Brown was even there!

But our favourite time a film crew came was for a Nigel Latta documentary! Nigel Latta wanted to film our class and do experiments with us to do with sound.  At first while Mr Burt was reading a story to us, Nigel Latta sent high pitched sounds to a phone that Yvonne was holding, that only we could hear! Mr Burt and lots of the film crew couldn't hear it! It was really cool.  This was because as we get old, we can no longer hear really really high pitched sounds.  Mr Goodwin was pleased he could still hear most of them though.
After this experiment the whole of Team 4 went out onto the reserve, where we formed a giant line. We each held a flag and raised it when we heard the sound Nigel Latta would make at the end of the line. Depending on where we stood in the line, affected when we heard the sound. The test was to see how fast sound travelled.  It was really fun, there was even a drone!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

River Talks demonstration!

Last week Team 4 went to see the River Talks demonstration at Omaru creek. Check out our video we made for PENN.

Also have a look at this introduction for a recount that Rima wrote:

Swimming, playing and dancing at the creek. Back in the day people were having a lot of fun at Omaru creek, yup I'm talking about that place that is now full of rubbish! What can you do to help clean the creek?