Friday, 21 February 2020

Million dollar shopping spree - Atawhai (Writing)

What would you do with a million dollars at the mall?
Check out Atawhai's writing to find out what she would buy on a million dollar shopping spree.
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If I had a million Dollars at the Mall

If I had a million dollars at the mall It would be fun because I could get anything I want Like Toys,Shoes and Ps4. Including food.

If I went to Toy world I would get all the Remote controls and Nerf guns. I will get a Remote control High- speed Police Boat that I could put in the Pool and Zoom around. I would also get a Remote Control Helicopter that can Go as high as it can and properly attach a gopro on it so I could Sneak on my brothers without Going in the room. I will also get a Toy Racing car that Will drive on the road and I will Trip my sister . I will also get a Humongous Teddy bear because they are Cute and fluffy and Nerf guns To shoot my Brothers and sisters.

I Would do the longest shopping spree in the Gaming section. Because I could get anything, But the Only thing that I want to get is a phone because I could get ubers with the rest of the money that I had. I would also get a TruSens Z-3000 Air Purifier which Is the coolest fan So it can air Out my room and I would get two for the lounge. I will also get two Ps4 in my room so Me and someone else can play fortnite and we can't be sweaty because we have a fan. I will also get a laptop and a Tv to watch some movies.

My favourite shoes are Adidas,Reebok,Converse and Nike's and I will get them all . Because Now I have running shoes and I could sell them or keep them for someone else to have.

After all that shopping of course I will be Hungry! I will get me Teriyaki chicken, McDonald and some Butter chicken with flatbread because Those are all My favourite food and a salad because I love vegetables , And for the drink I will get a thick Milkshake or a sprite. And a big frozen coke

In the end I will have money left and properly give it away but if I one the lotto I will be gone for 20 years and give some to the schools

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