Monday, 24 February 2020

Writing like Paul Jennings - Madison Writing

We love Paul Jennings in Room 7. With favourites such as Cowdung custard, and Ringing Wet you know we are all about the silly ones.

Here is Maddi's shot at writing a silly short story.

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The Time Machine 
by Maddison 

Walking all the way to my dad's lab, I cross the road over the bridge and then take the bus the rest of the way. When I arrived at the lab to see my dad the time was 7.31. Dad had told me to will arrive at 7:30. I was late! He told me to come fast so I can see the big MACHINE!! He called it... the "time machine". I ran to over to look at it. It was shiny, with a chair in the middle of it. Dad told me to stay behind the red line but I didn't.

 I looked behind, and in front of the machine. I asked dad if I could go inside, but he said "no son it's too dangerous’’. I had the grumpiest face ever. Then when he wasn't looking, I ran in the Machine and turned it on and "WOW"! I went to a different world.

When I saw a different world I started to cry. Then I heard some more crying. I looked behind me and saw my dad's WORKERS!!! I ran over to see them. I asked them what happened. They said that they had been testing if the time machine works. but they end up staying in the middle of nowhere as well! I was so MAD that I pushed a rock and it broke. They told me that if we get a computer chip that was super powerful, and we plug it in the machine. We can go back home . So we started my journey to find one. It took days, nights, and more days, and more nights. Finally When we arrived I grabbed the chip and it teleported home. When we got home I gave my dad a beating. 

The end

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